New Construction

Northern Michigan is unique in that;

  1. It’s absolutely breathtaking during all seasons
  2. It’s “off the radar” 
  3. The area is rich in family and community

Northern Michigan has a certain pull for some people and sometimes that pull includes building or constructing a new home or cottage. Whether you’re building 10,000 sq. feet or 1,000 – we can help. 

We are able to work with any contractor in the area to get your project completed in a timely and cost effective manner. Our workmanship is second to none in comparison to our competitors. 

Get To Know Us

Robin D. 

Robin is Fairbairn’s Accounting Manager and has worked for us for 35+ years. Robin is another individual that wears many hats at WWF. Amid all of the responsibilities of overseeing the Accounting Department, she also manages the Human Resources and IT aspects of our business. Robin always has kind words to say, a listening and understanding ear, and is able to give unbiased and diplomatic advice when needed. Just like every single one of our employees are irreplaceable, so is Robin. When she’s not at the office, you’ll find her playing fetch with her dog Marco or helping out the Hillside Gardens in Alanson.