Cottage Closing Form


In 2021, we will be discontinuing the practice of mailing our cottage service letters/forms. Instead we will be sending these communications to you exclusively via email. You should have received an email from us last Fall, and again in February of 2020, notifying you of this change with the letter and appropriate forms attached. If you did not receive these notifications, please send an email to so that we can confirm that we have the correct email address. We will reply with the letter/form(s) attached—please also make sure you mark us as a trusted sender to help ensure that future communications reach you. You can always access the online versions of the Opening and Closing Forms on our website,, where you can also find any policy or procedural changes that may affect these services.

Fairbairn’s service technicians make the opening and closing of your cottage or summer home a breeze when the seasons change. We’ll handle everything from turning water and heat back on, to checking for necessary repairs on plumbing fixtures and heating equipment – giving you the peace of mind you want and deserve heading into or out of an enjoyable summer season. We will notify you when your cottage is ready for move-in or when we’ve finished your fall closing so you can leave your property behind without worry.

As you plan to depart Northern Michigan, please keep the following in mind:

—We require a minimum of two (2) weeks notice prior to closing your cottage. If we do not receive two (2) weeks notice we may not be able to winterize your cottage in a timely manner and/or additional charges may be applied.

—Fall and winter weather and temperatures can change dramatically and unpredictably, suddenly leaving your cottage subject to freezing temperatures. DO NOT count on forecasts of mild temperatures to keep your house safe; please leave your thermostat set at a minimum of 50 degrees and allow us to shut down the heating system when we drain the cottage.

—If you have natural gas and prefer to have your gas meter locked out during your winter absence you, as the account holder, must contact DTE directly to arrange this service. DO NOT schedule an appointment with DTE before contacting our office as we may not be able to accommodate their schedule. If DTE locks the meter before the house is drained, your house will be susceptible to freezing and damage.

To fill out the cottage closing form, please scroll down and fill the form out in its entirety.

Please note: By submitting the form below, you are authorizing W.W. Fairbairn & Sons to enter your home and preform the requested services. If you have any questions, or need to change details after submitting the form, please call us at 231.548.2244

To access a printable form or a copy of the closing letter please click the links below:

Online Fillable Cottage Closing Form

    If you have natural gas and plan to have DTE lock out the gas meter, please call W.W. Fairbairn prior.

    Please note that we monitor our online inquiries daily. However, if this is an emergency or you need a quick response, calling us directly is still the best form of communication.