The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We got the products

By only selling top of the line products, we can stand behind the materials we use and be confident in their ability to serve our customers. 

Certified Experience

Our technicians and installers have a variety of certifications, licenses, and accolades. Our customers are comforted knowing that their homes, fixtures, and appliances are being worked on by some of the most qualified people in Northern Michigan.

Competitive Pricing

As a company, we offer competitive pricing throughout all of our departments. This means that our rates match our work ethic and quality. We never cut corners on any job in any circumstance.

Lifetime Guarantee

Here at W.W. Fairbairn & Sons, we warranty our work. Fortunately, we have humans that work for us! Yet being human means being prone to mistakes and error – that’s just a reality. If a mistake should ever happen, a part becomes faulty, or there’s an error right from the factory, we’ll be here to make it right.

125 Years’ Experience

Yup, you read that right. 125 years of experience means we know what we’re doing and we’re good at it. Trust us.

Great Support

Christmas, weekends, Joey’s birthday, Wednesday afternoon, or if you just want to call and ask how the weather is “Up North”, we’re here for YOU! 24/7.

W.W. Fairbairn & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1895 by Walter Wayne Fairbairn. Walter began with a small Hardware store in downtown Alanson, Michigan. What started as a small investment only proved to grow with each year. Walter moved into the Plumbing and Heating business shortly after opening his Hardware Store. 

How we wish Walter could see us now, for we like to say the rest is history…

5th Generation Ownership

W.W. Fairbairn & Sons, Inc. is now in their 5th generation of ownership. Fairbairn’s is family owned and has also been in the same location for 125 years. This trifecta is something that quite a few businesses couldn’t put on their resume. 


Fairbairn’s is located in the heart of Downtown Alanson right off of US 31. Although a small community, Alanson sits directly on the Crooked River which is part of the Historical Inland Waterway. Our Hardware store was also marked as a Michigan State Historical Site in 2004.  Click here to be directed to the Village of Alanson’s community webpage. 

W.W. Fairbairn & Sons, Inc. recently expanded in 2017! After years and years of sharing our offices with the Hardware Store, we decided it was time to spread our wings and move the Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling business to its own space. 

Our new building includes offices, storage, a breakroom, conference room, employee lockers, and even a kitchen! What do we love the most? It’s still connected to the Hardware Store.